Neptune Cyber Security
is a provider of real-time threat intelligence.

Protect your online business by knowing immediately when and where your web domains are being blocked or hijacked.

The Neptune Detect service was created in 2016 to help customers detect cyber threats against their web domains, enabling immediate, better informed decisions.

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Become an agent and get paid

Neptune agents are regular people who are paid to install the free Neptune app onto their Android smartphone. (There is currently no iOS version).

Once activated, the Neptune app will run a simple routine at various times throughout the day that tests connectivity with our clients websites.

The Neptune app:

  • operates in the background and will not affect your device performance
  • uses very little bandwidth (less than 12MB/day max)
  • will operate a maximum of six times per day at various times of the day and night
  • will only operate for 2-10 minutes per operation
  • requires the phone to be on and connected to the internet 24/7 to enable maximum earnings

Once the app is installed and you are activated into the agent community, you do not need to do anything else. The app will commence its operations and you will notice your balance increasing each time it completes an operation.


The Neptune app is only available in some countries. We are currently accepting new agents in

  • China
  • South Korea
  • Thailand

We have a maximum quota of agents per country and per city. If we have reached the quota, we keep you on record and will alert you once we have space for new agents. We regularly add new agents.

At registration, we only collect your email address to validate your account and to advise about payments. We do not collect any other personal information.


Agents are paid regularly for all successfully completed operations.
The maximum number of operations is 186 per month (6 times per day for 31 days).
Depending on the country, agents are paid in different ways.
Agents in China are paid into their WeChat eWallet.
Agents in other countries are paid direct into their bank accounts via TransferWise, a trusted third party payments platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Neptune connect is a service operated by Neptune Cyber Security Limited in Hong Kong since 2016 to help clients check the performance of their websites by local users.

An important part of providing clients with confidence is the “last mile test” by end users.

The free Neptune Connect android app is distributed to a global community of freelance agents that are paid to install the app on their smartphones and let it operate its non-intrusive daily routines throughout the day - pinging our clients websites 5-6 times per day and returning helpful telemetric data that is reported to the clients.

The pinging routine will normally take between 10-20 minutes and the data collected from website testing includes:

  • round trip speed
  • page sizes and load times
  • data loss
  • network errors
  • potential security issues
The app will not disrupt the users smartphone performance and will not use more than 1-2MB of data.

Agents are paid for every successfully submitted ping test and will be paid at the end of each month, once they reach the minimum balance.
The Neptune program currently operates in the following cities:

  • China
    • Beijing
    • Changchun
    • Chengdu
    • Guangzhou
    • Harbin
    • Hefei
    • Qingdao
    • Shanghai
    • Xiamen
    • Xi’an
  • Korea
    • Busan
    • Seoul
  • Thailand
    • Bangkok
There is a limited quota of agents required for each city.

` You may apply to join the Neptune Community by following the steps below:

  1. Download and install the Neptune Connect app:
    1. (EN) from the Google Play Store
    2. (CN) direct download from here
  2. Create an account from the app
  3. Activate your account by clicking the activation link in the email you receive
  4. If your application is accepted, you will receive a notification email and then the app will initiate it’s routine.
To leave the community, simply logout of the app.

Accounts that become inactive will be purged from the community.

Your final payment will only be made if you have achieved the cash out requirements (see Payments)

The Neptune app is a simple program that runs ping testing with about 100 global websites. It then sends the results of the testing to our server.

The app does not need and does not take any other data from your device. (e.g. Image, personal Web browsing data and other personal files)

The app is not performing any testing or data collection that is illegal or sensitive.

You can find our terms of service here.
Once the Neptune app is installed and you have been accepted to the Neptune Community, you don’t need to do anything except leave your phone switched on and connected to the internet.

The Neptune app will attempt to run the ping test routines up to 6 times randomly during the day.

Each routine will take approximately 10-20 minutes, depending on your internet connection.

The app will try and connect to a list of website domains and collect the results of each connection test.

At the end of the routine, the app will send the data to our servers and the fee will be added to your balance on the home screen.

In order for the app to successfully run the ping tests

  1. Ensure the app is running
  2. Ensure you are logged into the app
  3. Ensure you have internet connection
  4. Ensure location services are enabled
  5. The latest version of the app must be installed
If any of these conditions is failed then you will receive a notification in the app.

If these conditions are still failed for more than 60 minutes, then the ping test cannot execute and you cannot be paid.

To ensure that you never miss a submission, we recommend that you leave the app running at all times with internet and location services activated.
The Neptune app uses very little data.

Each pinging routine will use approximately 1.5-2.0 MB of your data.

The Neptune app has shown no significant effect on the performance of agents devices during the pinging process.

You will be able to use your phone as normal without any impact on performance.
If your internet connection is good and stable then the pinging process can take as little as 10-15 minutes.

What can slow the process down?

  1. Switching between mobile data 3/4G and Wi-Fi
  2. Taking transportation and travelling
  3. Poor quality internet connection (3/4G or Wi-Fi)
  4. Difficulty in connecting to some websites. Sometimes, the connection request to one or more websites can "time out" which means that a single domain test might take last as long as 5 minutes.
Each time the app can complete a successful ping test routine, you will earn an amount (see below) that will be added to your Balance.

The ping test routine will run up to 6 times per day and will run on every day.

Rates per ping routine

  • China: CNY0.75 (max monthly = CNY140)
  • Korea: KRW210 (max monthly = KRW39,000)
  • Thailand: THB4.50 (max monthly = THB837)
In the Neptune app you can see your current Balance.

We make payments 4 times per year at the end of each “quarter”. You will be paid at the end of the quarter if your balance has reached the below minimum amount.

Quarter 1 runs from January to March.
Quarter 2 runs from April to June.
Quarter 3 runs from July to September.
Quarter 4 runs from October to December.

You will be paid at the end of the quarter if your balance is equal or greater to:

  • China: CNY200
  • Korea: KRW50,000
  • Thailand: THB1,000
We mostly make direct payments into your bank account but sometimes use other payment methods in different countries.

In some countries we collect you payment details from within the Neptune app but we sometimes use 3rd party providers to make bank payments. In these cases, the 3rd party will email a request for your bank information.

We only use trusted 3rd parties for making payments.

After making a payment to you, the paid amount will be deducted from your in-app balance on the home screen.

Go to the Payments screen from the menu in the Neptune app and follow the instructions.

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Thank you for your interest in Neptune. The Neptune internet platform is owned and operated by Neptune Cyber Security Ltd., a Hong Kong S.A.R. registered company.